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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide professionals and homeowners with quality painting products they can rely on every day, and we do just that at The Quality Paints.

We offer durable stains, premium paints, precision brushes, and rollers for our customers to complete their painting projects with ease. We also provide an endless selection of colors, so you’re sure to find the perfect look for every space, whether you’re looking for the trendiest hues or a shade just right for you.

Our Values

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Outstanding Service

Exceptional customer service, personal attention, and professional expertise, along with the best paints and coating solutions, provide customers with confidence in our products.

High-Quality Products

Exceptional quality is at the core of everything we do. Through a strong commitment to excellence, we challenge ourselves to establish the highest standards for colors, products, and coatings that protect, preserve, and enhance your space.

Honesty & Integrity

Throughout our products, business practices, and relationships, we demonstrate integrity. Customers can count on us to fulfill our promises.

Who We Are

Professionals count on The Quality Paints to deliver. Our huge inventory of paint products allows us to ship quickly. We offer the right products for your next project, with excellent customer service and competitive prices that set us apart.

Looking for assistance choosing products? We’re here to help – just give our team a call.

Our team is committed to being your trusted supplier. We take pride in our commitment to doing what is right, keeping our promises, and providing our customers and partners with exceptional service and products.

Choosing a Color

Color is a great anchor when decorating and can also serve as a mood-setting element within a room. You can usually get an idea of how the color will look from the color swatches offered by paint shops. You should choose samples and test them in your own space to get a more realistic sense of the product.

Light Colors

A space is usually more cheerful and spacious when painted in lighter colors such as lilac or sky blue. In addition to their calming effect, they are suitable for a variety of situations. Additionally, if they are not overpowering, you can use them with other colors.

Dark Colors

Choose rich, darker colors such as teal or navy to make a bold statement. The darker shades can create the illusion that a room is smaller, so it’s best to use them in large spaces. It is also possible to use them on a feature wall as opposed to covering the entire room.

Mixing Colors

In the painting industry, paint blends are a hot trend in which colors are mixed to create new shades. To ensure that the paint blends properly into an even shade, professional equipment such as a paint mixer is needed.


Paint finish, or sheen, refers to how much light the paint’s surface reflects. Shiny paint makes a room seem brighter and more spacious. Smooth, flat paint makes a room seem cozier since it reflects very little light.

Color Scheme

Make furniture, rugs, and walls in a room complementary to each other by using a color scheme. If you’re new to design, choose three colors for your color scheme. It is much easier to choose paint colors and other items in the room when you have this basic plan.

How to Choose the Right Paint for Your Project

Painting Outdoor Areas

A typical indoor surface is typically protected from changes in weather, wind, dirt, and other elements, whereas outdoor surfaces are frequently exposed to many more. Due to this, you have to use paint that is resilient enough outside, or you’ll have to keep touching it up quite frequently.

The best exterior paints are latex and acrylic. Latex paint is water-based, so it can be easily cleaned. It can withstand weather changes well, however, it is not long-lasting. You should opt for acrylic paint if you want something that will last longer. Both wood and cement surfaces absorb acrylic paint well.

Painting Indoor Areas

Decorative painting indoors is mainly aesthetic. You should also consider how a room will be used when choosing a type of paint.

For example, the bathroom and kitchen are high-moisture areas. Painting with oil-based paint would be ideal rather than water-based paint, which can peel off when damp.

A water-based paint is considered safer, since it has a low level of VOCs. Water-based paints dry faster and are easier to clean. They are a good option if you are willing to do regular touch-ups.

In most cases, you will need to paint over an existing layer of paint. You may worry that the underlying color will affect the appearance of the new coat. However, you can avoid this issue by applying paint primer prior to the first coat. Mold-prone or smoke-exposed areas may also benefit from primer application.

Young couple discussing color swatches standing on site in an unfinished living room during renovations to their home
House painter pouring green wall paint into tray

Find the Best Paint for Your Project Today

We know you have a lot to consider when choosing paint for your project. We can help you with everything from brands and finishes to colors and compatibility. With our knowledge, you’ll be able to find the best paint for your home or business at the best price. You can count on us for quality professional paint.

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